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5 Psychological Techniques That Create an Atmosphere of Comfort and Holidays in The Casino

It has long been known that people love to play in a casino, not only because of the game process, but also due to an indescribable atmosphere of comfort. The best casinos in Riga, Minsk, Yerevan, Tbilisi, and all the gambling cities of the world are fighting among themselves, in order to offer their guests the best service. They use common psychological techniques that hold the player in the pleasant world of game.

Holiday Is Everywhere

Sound effects and emotions are very bright in casinos. Surrounded by hundreds of "one-armed bandits" and gaming tables, guests immediately feel the festive emotions. And immediate way to the exit will not be successful, just like at a big fair. The building's logic with such interiors is simple. A person, even if he wants to find out more about the establishment, will more and more plunge into the atmosphere of excitement, passing by slots with flashing lamps, desired by 777 and so on. Certain guests will wish to try their luck and linger here for more than one hour. Cashiers, rest rooms, bar are also located in different parts of the room, it is allows to travel more in a festive atmosphere and enjoy bright emotions that are not enough in an everyday life.

No Time Pressure

In any casino you will not see clocks neither on the walls nor in the hands of the staff. These are two classic techniques used in absolutely all places. A pleasant evening is endless for the client, nothing reminds him of the outside world and does not distract from the pleasant process. The arrangement of mirrors in a certain way can also be included here so that the player can see his reflection only occasionally.

Atmosphere of Comfort and Holidays in The Casino

Luxury and Comfort

All casinos have slightly muffled, warm lighting, including all units of Michael Boettcher's Shangri La. Sounds of unobtrusive instrumental music. The rich color of the walls, usually used in gambling establishments, according to psychologists, affect the feeling of complete comfort and security. Thus, home and friendly atmosphere of comfort are created. This helps the casino to make the main focus of the client only on the game, to forget about everything else. At the same time, the sounds of falling coins can be heard from the neighboring hall, gleams of bright lights flicker. This, at the same time, reminds that fortune is somewhere nearby. The color play also includes the contrasting of the motley floor from intricate patterns with the calm colors of the cloth of the gaming tables.

Also, for most players, visiting a casino is a way out. And most of them like the feeling of unobtrusive luxury and care. Gambling houses fully satisfy these desires, creating original interiors and offering impeccable service, emphasized Darren Keane, Shangri La CEO.

Win is Near

All games are designed to create a sense of "slightly unlucky for the client, but now I will definitely win". The ball on the roulette can stop in one cell from the victory, in cards only one can be missed for a large combination, in automatic machines instead of three "sevens" it drops out two. Such coincidences brighten the lack of a big win. Well, if a player behind a neighboring slot breaks a jackpot, there is a feeling that your turn will now come. This casino feature always allows you to be in a good mood. Even if you received a small amount from the slot, it only enhances the feeling of luck.

Alpine Air

In large modern casinos it is easy to breathe, almost like in the mountains. It is all about special installations that not only purify the air, but also saturate it with ozone. These care about the health of customers and a way to somewhat refresh them, reduce the feeling of fatigue.

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