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How to Fight Against Holiday Depression

For some people holidays are joyful and the opportunity to have a good time with loved ones. But there is also another group of people who holidays are associates holidays with loneliness, psychological trauma and festive depression. But, fortunately, psychologists have found several ways to deal with a bad mood during the holidays. They even help to love the holidays again, replacing bad associations with good ones.

A huge place in overcoming a bad festive mood is given, surprisingly, to games. And the games are very different: active, desktop and other. And everything is simple here: interesting games trigger the release of hormones of joy and happiness in humans. Time passes unnoticed during the game. And, what is most remarkable for the haters of the holidays, you can even play in complete solitude and the pleasure does not diminish at all.

Consider different versions of games and their positive points.

Table or Board Games

Table or Board Games

Board games unite people together. This is most important therapeutic effect. It is noted, if the family plays Bingo or Monopoly, the ties between relatives become stronger. Indeed, during the game process, people communicate a lot, share their interests, ideas and plans. This is a great way to get to know each other better, to get close and relax.

For single people, solitaires at home are ideal. Or, if you want to combine the game with access to people, cards in special clubs in Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus are perfect, noted managing director of Shangri La, Darren Keane. While playing cards, the guest is surrounded by stylish interiors, receives the attention of hospitable employees and at the same time can freely communicate with the dealer on any topic.

The job of a banker involves communicating with guests on any neutral themes. So, quite often such games replace psychologist visits. It is enough to speak out in a benevolent atmosphere (practically the 'stranger on a train' phenomenon) in order to regain a good mood on holidays.

Table or Board Games

Active Games

Nothing contributes to the development of adrenaline and dopamine, as physical activity. After active games, there always comes an extra lift of emotion and a feeling of satisfaction. Sometimes one party in squash or tennis is enough to overcome the holiday depression. But in fact, the choice is much wider: any sports team games, laser tag, paintball and so on.

Luck Games

Luck games is a great choice for singles and even for those who crave company. Alone, perfect to play on a special site. The game’s choice, there are hundreds and even thousands of varieties. In this case, no one bothers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the selected game, no one distracts and nothing prevents to play the way you like the most. You can also relax in a VIP club. The guest who wants peace and privacy, in the best casinos of Riga, Minsk, Tbilisi and Yerevan will be offered a VIP room and the most unobtrusive service.

And for singles who want to join the bright celebration of life, elite places in the CIS and Europe offer festive entertainment programs. A great choice is Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La. While playing at the common table, it is nice to enjoy socializing with a friendly staff and game neighbors. In this case, at any time you can escape from the show, which takes place on the stage, take part in the draw or enjoy the exquisite cuisine.

Studies have shown that a premeditated trip to sport or game club, when the player determines the limit for himself, brings only pleasure. Most of the respondents noted a rise in mood and increase in interest in their daily life.

Play games and spend the holidays with joy!

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